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Mission statement:

Our mission is to provide your critical power needs with the same highly trained professional service and capabilities of a large company, but with the handshake trust and customer service driven attributes of a small one.

We strive not to meet expectations, but to exceed them.

Company Background:

Snyder Power was originally founded as American Ckritical Energy Systems, Inc. (ACES) in 1993 by Le and Kim Snyder in San Antonio, Texas.  They were met by a market eager for their services and ready for a professional 3rd party solution to emergency power.  A commitment to delivering value and customer satisfaction from the onset led the small family-owned start-up to great success.  In the late 90’s ACES purchased several smaller companies to accommodate the growing demand for their services and to bolster their resources.  Today, ACES has been re-branded as Snyder Power and though the name has changed, the same unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and value remains the same.