What can Snyder Power do for you?

Computer keyboard - red key FAQSnyder Power has full coverage maintenance contracts available covering parts, repair, 24/7 emergency call-outs, as well as routine preventive maintenance.

Our professionally trained and certified techs utilize the latest equipment and standards in the industry. They are capable of performing a wide variety of tasks related to your critical power systems.

At Snyder Power we make emergency power systems our day to day business, so you don’t have to.

Why buy from Snyder Power?

Working in a direct distributor capacity with a variety of manufacturers allows Snyder Power to not only offer you the best equipment, but the best value as well. Just as important as the equipment is the company that sells it. Snyder Power offers maintenance contracts beyond the initial warranty period on everything we offer. We stand behind the products we sell and are ready to assist in any capacity necessary to ensure that your systems are running effectively.

How does Snyder Power stack up against the competition?

Smaller companies won’t generally have the resources, experience, or products to assist you as much as you need. They might specialize in an aspect of one thing like selling UPS systems vs servicing them or providing generator service but not UPS. Rarely are they a comprehensive solution for all your emergency power needs.

OEMs on the other hand are often specific to just their brand of equipment, unable to extend their services to the rest of your systems. They lack the top to bottom accountability of a small business. Even worse is that their service prices reflect the size of these companies. One service call from an OEM to work on a UPS that took less than an hour and required no parts cost nearly $1,500! The same service from Snyder Power would have been exponentially less!

With Snyder Power comprehensive service and value no longer have to be mutually exclusive.

What does Snyder Power do differently than the people who are servicing my equipment now?

Several things separate our service from the competition. A handful of them are:

- We always strive to use the best and latest technology in the industry, providing us with an edge in efficiency and capability.

- Being able to work on different makes and manufacturers of UPS’, batteries, generators, and associated equipment like PDUs and DC chargers means you only have to handle one contract and won’t have to juggle different vendors.

- We are capable of doing the little things in addition to your standard service requirements. With options like thermography, battery trending, hydrometer readings, fuel polishing, and power audits, we can provide services other companies can’t.

Is Snyder Power a minority owned and certified company?

Yes. Snyder Power is certified through the Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council and is HUB certified through the state of Texas as well.

What does being ISNet World Certified mean?

ISNet World is a safety certification company that connects high risk, capital intensive industries, with service providers who can meet their stringent requirements. Our ISNet certification is a tangible reflection of our commitment to safety and the track record that backs it up.

What kind of customers do you support? Can you help me?

Snyder Power’s clientele consists of but is not limited to:

- Fortune 500 corporations

- Gas and Petroleum companies

- Small businesses

- Federal, State, and Local government agencies

- Military facilities

- Data Centers

- Schools

- Hospitals

All our technicians are capable of passing any necessary requisite background checks and/or drug tests, are certified on a variety of equipment and manufacturers, and have extensive experience in the field. If you have any unique requirements regarding your contractors, please give us a call, we will work with you to see that your needs are met.