Uninterruptible Power Supply

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a system designed to provide instantaneous power backup in the event of an outage. Additionally, an on-line UPS system will also condition line input to provide clean power free of surges or sags.


Are you doing everything you can to keep your power critical equipment running in the event of a power failure? If you're not supplementing your critical power generation equipment with routine preventive maintenance you aren't.

Per the Electric Power Research Institute:

“Inverters and chargers, like all electrical equipment, age and deteriorate with time. The aging and deterioration process starts when the system is installed. This process can lead to changes in the system performance, malfunctions, and random failures. A systematic program of surveillance, inspection, and maintenance, that includes preventive and predictive maintenance activities can help in identifying performance changes and minimize malfunctions and failures.”

-EPRI UPS Maintenance and Application Guide 8-1

Having maintenance performed regularly on your UPS is recommended so that potential hazards can be detected early and repaired before they deteriorate and cause a loss of power. In addition, having a maintenance contract means that if an emergency occurs you have an experienced technician familiar with your site protocol and your equipment.

Snyder Power offers full coverage contracts that includes preventive maintenance, 24/7 emergency service, replacement parts, and repair. Also, options like load testing and thermography are available in addition to the standard service agreement.


Snyder Power has long been a sales provider of UPS systems and associated equipment like PDUs, DC chargers, and battery banks. We have installed units big and small in a wide variety of applications.

Also, we are capable of providing new or refurbished units and have an extensive product line to give you options and flexibility.

When purchasing a UPS system you need knowledge and experience. Snyder Power provides both. Call us to today for free quote on your next UPS installation!

Critical Power Consultation

We at Snyder Power are happy to assist you in planning your new data center, generator, or UPS installation.

We have an extensive history working with a wide array of end users and contractors to ensure that all their requirements are accounted for.

Customer Training

Customer training is available as a formal way of showing you the basic operation of your equipment, understanding alarms you may have, and what you can and cannot do in the event of an alarm. Often times the ability to read the alarm or provide an initial diagnosis to the tech before he arrives on site can speed up repair or in some instances, the customer can reset the alarm providing instantaneous correction of a fault.

During a customer training course, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through a preventive maintenance inspection. The training is highly recommended especially for those with little working knowledge of a UPS system and would like to be more familiar with their equipment, its purpose, and operation.

UPS Re-certification

Snyder Power provides re-certification of UPS systems by going through an extensive operational performance test. In addition, a comprehensive analysis consisting of a variety of checks and measures provides a detailed look at UPS functionality. Every re-certification will provide a detailed analysis of your system as well as a Certificate of Performance. Thermography is also made available and helps anticipate future faults that are not yet evident.

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