An emergency standby generator provides power in the event of an outage that can be delivered over an extended period of time. Generators are made in a wide variety of sizes and utilize diesel or gas fuel sources


What, in your opinion, constitutes generator maintenance?

To many, generator maintenance is as simple as changing oil and filters.

However, quality generator maintenance consists of much more, entailing a broad range of checks and measurements, as well as load banking. It requires specialized equipment and should only be performed by a certified professional. In addition, it must be done on a regular basis, with routine testing being performed quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on your budget and other constraints.

When you do service a generator proactively, it allows the technician to treat any deficiencies he finds during an inspection. The goal is to make small and less costly repairs before they escalate into bigger ones.

Snyder Power provides generator services for several different industries. We have an extensive range of load banks and testing tools to serve you efficiently and effectively. In addition, we are capable of responding to and accommodating a wide variety of repairs and provide maintenance on all makes and models.


generator_pageWith so many different varieties and options of generators to choose from, it helps to have an experienced sales associate to speak with. We at Snyder Power are a proven turnkey sales provider of generators and their associated products. We work directly with several manufacturers to give us a broad product line that allows us to make sure the fit is just right for your requirements.

As an important addition, our certified techs are available after the sale to provide maintenance and support, picking up where other sales groups leave off. Call us today for a free quote!

Load Banking

A load bank is designed to simulate the output power of the equipment the generator is supporting. It is primarily used to test for systems reliability. However, it can also be used to test max KW on a generator as well as to burn up residual fuel in the cylinder which would otherwise lead to decreased efficiency and reliability of the engine, also known as wet stacking.

Only by placing a load on the generator can we ultimately prove whether or not it will function properly when needed. We recommend having a load test performed annually as a mandatory part of quality, routine generator maintenance.

Fuel Polishing

With the cost of fuel on the rise, more and more companies are cutting back on running their generators. When maintenance isn’t performed and a generator is not routinely run, the fuel will often settle and accrue contaminants, resulting in clogged fuel filters and sludge that ultimately lead to extensive downtime and repair costs.

Whenever this is the case, we recommend fuel polishing. Fuel polishing is a process by which contaminants are removed from the fuel. Fuel polishing cleans the fuel and restores it back to its original state. This alleviates having to drain, dispose of, and refill the fuel in instances where the fuel has been stagnant and sludge has accumulated. Oil and fuel analysis performed at least annually will help to determine if any additional maintenance is required.

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